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  1. father

    • IPA[ˈfäT͟Hər]


    • n.
      a man in relation to his child or children;a male animal in relation to its offspring.
    • v.
      (of a man) cause a pregnancy resulting in the birth of (a child);treat with the protective care associated with a father.
    • noun: father, plural noun: fathers

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    • father是不是專有名詞

      father 本身不是專有名詞。 但是若是大寫,就變成專有名詞,指「我爸」: I just talked to Father tonight.= I just talked to my father tonight. Father=...

    • How is your father doing?回答的方式

      [How is your father doing? (a) Fine, thank you. (b) He doing? 這類的問句。 而本題既然特指 your father 才是問安的對象,那用 (a) 句型回答,最好是說 He...

    • 問問father-in-law

      father-in-law是指配偶ㄉ父親 in-law是強調非血親ㄉ親戚 此單字ㄉ所有格為:father-in-law's 複數的所有格:father-in-laws'