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  1. father-substitute

    • n.
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    • 一元二次方程式及判別式

      ...tom got 5P = T if their father gave 7 more stamps to each of them...+7) = T+7 3P + 21 = T+7 Substitute T with 5P 3P + 21 = 5P + 7...

    • 你們覺得這部電影...中翻英

      You feel this' motion-picture gold's triangle combine which is compare can substitute for de? You feel KEAMER VS. KRAMER this' film Annotate three leading actor's fathers mother's son de actor OOO, XXX, VVV You feel who ...

    • 一題英文片語翻譯

      ...取代他的職位(B) replaced him 取代他(不須用of) (C) substituted for him (要加個for) (D) took his place 坐她父親的...