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  1. fatiguing

    • IPA[fəˈtiːgɪŋ]



    • adj.
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    • 請問一下 fatigued這詞該如何用?

      fatigued是形容詞(疲累的) 名詞是fatigue(疲憊) 例句 1.I was fatigued...with sitting up all night]. 我因工作 [熬夜] 而疲乏。 2.Exercises fatigued her. 操練使她感到疲憊不堪 I look around through fatigued...

    • fatigue-related effects是什麼意思?

      大概是,「跟疲勞相關的影響」、或「跟金屬疲勞相關的影響」。 看你從什麼文章看到的。 2008-09-10 10:31:50 補充: 那就是「跟疲勞相關的影響」吧!

    • fatigue & tired的差別

      兩者累的程度不同(fatigured比tired更累): If you are tired, you feel that you want to rest or sleep. If you are feeling fatigured, you are suffering from extreme physical or mental tiredness.(精疲力盡)