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  1. fatten

    • IPA[ˈfatn]


    • v.
      make or become fat or fatter
    • verb: fatten, 3rd person present: fattens, gerund or present participle: fattening, past tense: fattened, past participle: fattened

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    • IPA[ˈfat(ə)n]


    • v.
      make or become fat or fatter: he could do with some good food to fatten him up Irish cattle fatten up quickly

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • either illegal immoral

      Anything good in life is either illegal immoral, or fattening.好像是墨非定律的其中一條法則,它的意思是: 生活當中那些會令人覺得美好...

    • 任選10個單字寫出一則對話, but this time he must be honest with himself that his diet is fattening him up. His days are too placid to use up the good food...

    • 用以下英文單字 做出"對話"

      ... feel that he is honest about what he is doing .. A. Fattening their own pockets .. I am sure .. I think they will...