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    • 請幫忙中翻英(商業英文)~不可用翻譯機

      ...irregular manner,In other words, when you ship, the more, it can get more favourable price levels. As mentioned in you now, if you want to see the 9th tank (7kgs) freight,I will again tomorrow...

    • 問一段英文翻譯,需要中翻英

      ... freight. Kindly look into the matter with a favorable feedback. Thanks. Best regards...不需付款的. UPS aksed us for payment today mentioned that you refused to pay for shipment. (X...

    • 最近醫學報告,遇上翻譯困難

      你參考看看。 充足睡眠為避免高血壓和其他慢性病,獲得足夠的休息及恢復疲勞的睡眠是必須的。許多研究認為睡眠不足和睡眠中止與高血壓有關係。我常常為我高血壓病人檢查睡眠中止。如我在前一段有關睡眠所說的,我們應考慮對任何患有高血壓的病人做夜間血氧定量法或正式睡眠...