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  1. God-fearing

    • IPA[ɡäd ˈfi(ə)riNG]


    • adj.
      earnestly religious
    • 釋義


    • 1. earnestly religious an honest, God-fearing woman
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    • adj.
      earnestly religious: an honest, God-fearing woman

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 英翻中 No Fear of Heights

      ... near the edge 我從未走近邊緣 Used to fear swam far from shore 曾經害怕游離岸邊 give me love 當你來愛我時 I have no fear of heights, 我不怕高 No fear of the deep blue...

    • Fear For You中文解釋有哪些?

      to fear for you=為你擔心 (因為我認為你可能遭到惡運)這裡的fear當動詞用,fear for是片語動詞. He expressed fears for ...

    • afraid/scared /fear..

      ... of snakes(怕蛇), scared of cockroaches (怕蟑螂) Fear是恐懼 <名詞/動詞> 是因為害怕會發生所以恐懼 通常是用在...