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    • 可行的,行得通的;可能的
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    • bootstrap翻譯成中文是什麼意思?

      ... generally not a good idea, but to get bootstrapped there are no feasible alternatives. 整體看來雖然這不是個好主意,但在不受別人的幫助...

    • 二者皆不的英文…用neither... 那3者或4者以上呢?

      ...neither: Neither of the two methods is (are較少見) feasible. 這兩個方法無一可行 三者(或以上)用 none: None of the five ...

    • 麻煩英翻中ALLOCATION

      allocation to any port of Panama is feasible 分派到任一個巴拿馬港口是可行的, due we have to pay the same import customs cost at any arrival destiny. 因為我們支付同樣進口花費在任一港口目的地。