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  1. feature writer

    • n.
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    • 英文文學好的快進來!!20點大贈送喔

      Refer to specific images, passages or lines in the particular piece to support your discussion: What does Dorianne Laux mean by "All down the block something inside you opens and shuts". ? What...

    • 麻煩一下~幫我英文句子翻成中文

      ... express opinions. A column is a feature or article that appears regularly in a newspaper --daily... column is usually accompanied by the writer's byline and sometimes his picture. Writing a column...

    • 求神人大大幫修文法 關於花語

      ... and America. It wascreated by some writers. The purpose isto publish books as ... to show. Itcan become a legend or the feature of flowers. In fact, “flower meaning...