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  1. feed

    • IPA[fiːd]



    • vt.
      給…食物;用…餵; 餵
    • vi.
      進食; 從某事物中得到滋養
    • n.
    • 過去式:fed 過去分詞:fed 現在分詞:feeding

    • 名詞複數:feeds

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 給…食物 to feed a dog 餵狗 to feed a large family/an army 養活一大家人/一支軍隊
    • 2. 用…餵; 餵 she was feeding bread to the birds 她在用麵包餵鳥 to feed the baby some more apple 給嬰兒再餵一點蘋果
    • 3. 供給 the lake is fed by several rivers 這湖是由幾條河匯流而成的 how is the printer fed with paper? 這臺打印機怎麼進紙?
    • 4. 滿足; 助長 to feed a drug habit 滿足毒癮 this letter merely fed the flame of his passion 這封信只是讓他的激情更加高漲
    • 5. 傳球給; 傳 he fed the forwards a flow of passes 他給前鋒接連傳了好幾個球
    • 6. 給…提詞


    • 1. 進食; 從某事物中得到滋養 she had the infant feeding at her breast 她給嬰兒哺乳 to feed on or off sth. 以某物為食


    • 1. 一餐 the baby was having five feeds a day 這個嬰兒那時一天要餵5次 to give the horse a feed of oats 給馬餵一次燕麥
    • 2. 飼料
    • 3. 豐盛的一餐 to have a good feed 飽餐一頓
    • 4. 進料; 進料裝置 the petrol feed is blocked 進油管堵住了 sheet paper feed 進紙裝置
    • 5. 提詞; 提詞員


    1. give food to

    2. (especially of an animal or baby) take food; eat something

    3. derive regular nourishment from (a particular substance)

    4. encourage the growth of

    5. supply (someone) with (information, ideas, etc.)

    6. a meal

    7. food for domestic animals


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