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  1. feed on

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      靠...為食;受到某事物的滋養; 因某事物而助長
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    • 1. 靠...為食 The sheep feed on grass. 羊以草為食。
    • 2. 受到某事物的滋養; 因某事物而助長 Hatred feeds on envy. 因妒生恨。



  2. 知識+

    • feed on和live on 有何不同??

      feed on (動物) 以...為主食 例句:The cows were feeding on hay. 牛群以乾草為生 live on 1. (人或動物) 以...為食,靠...過活 例句...

    • what do guppies feed on

      You want to ask more than peacock feed it? Big fish feed, as long as the ground can be to eat small fish...

    • What do guppies feed on

      guppies >> 孔雀魚 What do guppies feed on? >> 孔雀魚吃什麼維生?