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    • 英文句子翻譯國文

      ...感到很驚訝 <5> They looked,smelled,and felt disgusting!Jane had to wash them all to pay for her meal. 它們看起來,聞起來讓人感覺噁心! Jane必須清洗它們去...

    • 中文版How are you feeling today?圖

      ...(不好意思) Happy(快樂) Mischievous調皮的, Disgusted厭惡, Frightened受驚的, Enraged激怒, Ashamed羞愧的, ...

    • 急!!!幫我回答影片裡的英文問題

      ...anything. 3. How does the professor feel? He felt ill and disgusted by the incident. He felt that he had failed for twenty years of teaching. 4. What is the professor ...