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    • 找人幫忙寫英文作文~~急

      ...purpose.I know my close friend will never betray me and so I can feel easy in mind. Listening to good music is also another way of lessing or removing...

    • 請問這兩篇英文有需要改的地方嗎??? to buy a suit for me in the afternoon. However, ...mother changed her mind,because she wanted to take...s seat up. Now, I feel easier (more comfortable) to ride my...

    • 可以幫我修改文法嗎?我的英文很爛

      ... with summer and winter, a lot of people say that they feel happier in summer, They enjoy eating ice-cream with ...swim in the sea.How wonder summer is in my mind. 顺道一提, beach 是海滩