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  1. feel rotten


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    • 1. 感到不適(或疲倦、不快) I'm feeling rotten today. 我今天覺得不舒服。
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    • 請問”The Lyre Of Orpheus”這首歌的意思

      ...a wire in between然後,他在這當中綁裝上一條金屬線作琴弦 He was feeling something rotten 同時他正感到有些不安(/=他不確定這樣的琴是否可以彈) something rotten=腐敗的...

    • 英文翻成中文

      ...變的簡單了。 I love you because you spoil me rotten when I get sick. 我愛你, 因為你在我生病時寵壞...我了。 I love you because I alwasys feel incredibly safe with you. 我愛你, 因為我真的跟你在一起...

    • 英文單字怎麼寫???

      覺得 feel; to have a feeling think; to feel; to find; to be of the opinion 破爛:1.tattered...骯髒:soiled破爛:1.soft or mashy through overcooking2.rotten; decayed3.worn-out感覺 sense; to perceive; to experience2...