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  1. feel sorry for

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      為...感到可惜, 對...表同情;同情某人
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    • 1. 為...感到可惜, 對...表同情 I feel sorry for whoever marries her! 無論誰娶她我都會替那個人感到惋惜。
    • 2. 同情某人 I feel sorry for anyone who has to drive in this sort of weather. 我很同情在這種天氣還得開車的人。 I feel more sorry for her children than I do for her. 我同情她的那些孩子勝過同情她。
    • 3. 憐憫某人; 對某人有些不贊成 If he doesn't realize the consequences of his actions, I feel sorry for him. 倘若他意識不到自己行為的後果, 那我就覺得他很可悲了。


    為...感到可惜, 對...表同情