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    • 請幫我寫克漏字關於YOU(文法書P19)

      B :Really? I can't feel it moving. (you , try) Are you trying to fool ...not!(you,think,really) Do you really think that the earth isn't moving? B:I guess so...

    • 感官動詞相關問題

      ...需要副詞 答案是 B (A 的拼字錯誤) 感官動詞用法舉例: I feel the earth moving under my feet. 我感覺腳下的土地在動。 感官動詞 + 受詞 + 動詞...

    • 感官和使役動詞的附加問句

      ...aren't they? 是阿 他們在工作 Yes, they are. 而 I feel that the earth moving. 你自己的感覺不可能不知道吧 所以不能問 do I? 而是你想確定地球...