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  1. fetch out

    • vt.
      取出; 趕走
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    • ph.

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    • 給你英單,你來造句吧!(20點)

      ...100 dollars. 這舊錶賣了一百元。 She fetched him a box on the ears. 她打了他一記耳光...039;re not supposed to take the books out of the room. 這些書不能拿出屋去。 Every effect...

    • 急~~請用下列10個英文單字寫一篇故事~~10點~~

      ... father scolded her twice because he didn't want to have to fetch any of the heels if one of them darts out on the sidewalk. However, my mother grumbled and frowned...

    • 誰能幫我檢查以下的翻譯 20點!!!(急)

      我ㄉ翻譯是這樣 可參考看看: This research is to pick and fetch the table image through CCD cinecamera at first, utilize treatment technology of the image to find out the ball heart coordinate of every ball, and then cooperate with fuzzily , the transmitting...