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    • 有關英文的cliché

      ...04 22:50:42 補充: to play the goof 裝傻 to sway back and forth 搖擺;搖動 to fiddle with用手把玩摸弄 to give a goofy grin 傻笑 to Screw up one’s face; mouth...

    • 請問cum fee的意思是?

      ...我查過的網址,對 cum fee 解釋是只是爲了押韻而已 其中我有找到一篇對 "fiddle" 的個人解釋, 只是其中一個例子而已(and i am assuming ...

    • Cock a doodle doo這首歌的中文翻譯

      ...小提琴弓 女主人將穿那隻鞋跳舞 Cock a doodle doo, My dame will dance with you, While master fiddles his fiddling stick, For dame and doodle doo. 咕、咕、咕...