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    • 不安的,不沈著的,難以取悅的,煩燥的
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    • 天野月子 A half 羅馬拼音

      ...なら nejireteku kimito no kakehashi miushinau no nara a half and a half 壊れた球体のfidgety kowareta kyuutai no addicted to you 中文歌詞:

    • 英文文章訂正+加寫...急

      ...quiet people can give me a romantic temperament but talkative people can make me fidgety. I like honest people. I think it is important to make friends...

    • 徵求英文三的人的英文對話一則贈10點) or two weeks! B:C is right,also factory will be very fidgety of this. A:I tries to talk to the customer before, and they mention...