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  1. fifty pence


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    • 文章整段翻譯(十點)

      ...separate dollars and cents(or pounds and pence, euros and cents etc.). In british... a full stop 150.00 is one hundred and fifty(and no cents if it's money). 有時也會用到小數點...

    • 英文文法修改

      ... a tendency to be very nervous. When the weather gets cold, Penny's headache worsens. Sophia's kite flies steadily.

    • 去Y+IES的單字(急需20點!!越多越好禮拜一前需要)

      ...berry -> berries 莓 nanny -> nannies 保姆 penny -> pennies 便士 glory -> glories 光榮... 三十年代 forty -> forties 四十年代 fifty -> fifties 五十年代 sixty -> sixties...