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  1. fighting fit

    • adj.
      in excellent health
    • 釋義


    • 1. in excellent health Mary had responded to treatment and seemed fighting fit
  2. 知識+

    • 請問"ARE YOU FIGHTING FIT?" 意思是?

      "ARE YOU FIGHTING FIT?" 意思是你很健康嗎?fighting fit 非常健康 extremelyhealthy ,是形容詞片語...fighting fit. First-class facilities to help you stay fighting fit!

    • (翻譯) 英翻中 短文文章

      ... merchant ships, and sailors waiting for rescue were fighting frigid water. Puzzlingly, the survival rate among young, presumably more fit sailors was much lower than among older seamen...

    • 有沒有這麼名詞??Kilkenny Cat

      ... one cat too many. 他們認為多了一隻貓(有兩隻貓太多了) So they fought and they fit 所以他們打鬥而且實力相當 And they scratched and they bit 他們...