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    • 誰會這些英文題目的英文造句與中文解釋?

      ...警察懷疑銀行職員與強盜有勾結。 <7>She is the filing clerk of our company. 她是我們公司的檔案員。 ※servant <1...

    • 英文小對話~請幫忙訂正^^

      ...what about the hard disk? I need a big hard disk to save many files.Clerk: Don't worry. It has a one-gigabyte hard disk....

    • 請問關於單字clerk&employee差別?

      ...僱佣的人。 狹義言之:詳如下述 (僅述 名詞 之用法,請參閱附件網頁) clerk:較屬於辦公室、商業行號之員工 。(拿月薪) 1. a person employed, as in an office, to keep records, file, type, or perform other general office tasks. 2. a salesclerk. 3. a person who...