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    fill sb in on sth

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    • fill me in是什麼意思??

      1.fill sb. in (on sth.)對某人提供(有關...的)情況 Can you fill me in on what 有填補的意思(如"火鍋"所提供之解釋) 同樣用法另有一個片語 fill in sb's shoes 填補某人的空缺 不過前後文會決定中譯後的文字修飾哦...

    • 幫忙一下 以下的英文造句

      ...danger behind him. 16.Be filled to capacity 17.Be high on the agenda 18.Be in the red: The company is...29 23:47:26 補充: 21.Bind sb to do sth: She bind her husband to...

    • 簡單英文造句(急) a crime like this. prepare(sb.)for(sth.) This person should really prepare.... be based on The entire homework system ... of dishonesty. Those in power always say one thing and do another...