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  1. fill sb. in

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    • 1. 向某人提供(關於某事物的)詳情 Can you fill me in on what has been happening? 你能把發生的事情原原本本地告訴我嗎?
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    • fill me in是什麼意思??

      1.fill sb. in (on sth.)對某人提供(有關...的)情況 Can you fill me in on 有填補的意思(如"火鍋"所提供之解釋) 同樣用法另有一個片語 fill in sb's shoes 填補某人的空缺 不過前後文會決定中譯後的文字修飾哦...

    • 幫忙一下 以下的英文造句

      ...example to account for your statement in details? 6.Add flavor...these stuff at a discount. 11. At sb’s expense: All your...danger behind him. 16.Be filled to capacity 17.Be high on the agenda...

    • 誰可以幫我造英文造句.總共45句..急急急

      ... for her to telephone. 我等她的電話都等的不耐煩了 fill sb. up 充滿;填滿;裝滿 The gutter has filled up with mud. 溝槽...