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  1. filled

    • fill的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • comb.
      充滿…的 feather-filled pillows 羽毛枕頭 tear-filled eyes 淚眼
    • vt.
      裝滿;填滿;使充滿[(+with)] When I had read it I was filled with horror. 我讀完它之後,心裡充滿了恐怖。 He filled my glass with beer. 他給我的杯子斟滿了啤酒。
    • vi.
      被充滿;鼓脹 Her eyes filled with tears. 她熱淚盈眶。
    • n.
      填滿的量[(+of)] Would you like a fill of my tobacco? 你想不想抽一斗我的菸?
    • n.
    • vt.
      裝滿 to fill a box with books 把盒子裝滿書 to fill sb. a bucket of water 幫某人裝滿一桶水
    • vi.
      變滿 the bath takes three minutes to fill 浴缸蓄滿水需要3分鐘 the theatre began to fill 劇院開始滿座
    • n.
      補牙填料 to have a filling (done) 補牙
    • adj.
    • 充填物,填料,填土


    • 填充,彌漫,供給,滿足,供應充滿滿足,裝滿,充分,填方填充,裝滿


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