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  1. filled gold


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    • 英文達人請幫幫我(文法問題)

      ... search the desert sands hoping to find an uncovered tomb filled with gold and treasures. 答案是D 如果要用A句子應改為 ... in hope...

    • 幫忙翻譯一首歌Black and Gold

      ...don't even matter 那些星星根本算不了什麼 now i'm filled to the top with fear 我現在身陷恐懼的項點 but it'...地方 i wanna be next to you 我只想待在你身旁 black and gold 像黑夜伴著星星 black and gold 像黑夜伴著星星 black and...

    • Stay Gold 的英文意思?

      ..., fade away And leave a ray of sun So gold Life is but a twinkling of an eye Yet filled with sorrow and compassion Though not imagined All...