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    • 跟影視相關的英文單字

      ...放映室 66.fade-in淡入 67.fade-out淡出 68.leader片頭 69.thriller緊張片 70.horror film恐怖片 71.trailer預告片 72.cartoon卡通片 73.documentary film紀錄片 74.violent film暴力片 75.nouvelle vague...

    • 拜.託.了請.大.家.幫.我.我.有.一.個.難.題(文章)

      ... battle" will arrive in theaters May 2, with an additionaltwo films to follow. What do you thinkof the trailer?蜘蛛人的”偉大戰役”將會在5/2上映,也會有另兩部片同步上映。你對這...

    • 可不可以幫我翻譯一下?

      ... even more energy then scream. At the beginning, it is the trailer of this film that has attracted me, the little girl and monsters...