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    • 使結束;使完結
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    • 英文文法題目不會?

      ...或hoped,應該直接接一個不定詞語片語當受詞: I wanted to finalize the deal. I hoped to finalize the deal. 2010-10-08 13:37:36 補充...

    • 請問husbandry costs 是什意思?

      ... Bank document with supporting ROE used for finalizing the DA. bank document 指任何由銀行出具的文件, 例如信函、證實書、對...

    • 有關財務、金融的文章,翻譯

      ...agreement for an exclusivity period to enable us to complete satisfactory due diligence and finalise all relevant documentation. 在此我們想就此未具拘束力的合約想法、所建議買賣的...