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    financial recession

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    • 請幫忙分析句型結構,以及新的類似句子?

      ... year has tested the financial industry's ability to withstand recession. (O) = The financial industry has been good and strong to withstand recession despite the difficult...

    • 急!需要中翻英高手翻譯一小段essay(有關經濟)

      U.S.A. caused the chain crisis on the international financial market because of the secondary housing loan last year, make U.S.A.'s economy have doubt of recession. Probe into the first reason, the credit of the consumer market is...

    • 主辭+主要動詞

      ... overshadowed by fears about economic recession. 這一個句子的主詞是A U.N ... without pay over Christamas because of a financial crisis in the city's public school system, second...