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    • 找到,發現,發覺,覺得發現,發現物
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    • 關於單字find的用法?

      Did you manage to find a place in Kahlua Apartment building.... = She made me a dress. I found a seat for George. = I found George...

    • 關於感官動詞 find

      1. find不是感官動詞嘛? I find it hard to...not only me, but everyone around me find不是感官動詞。see, hear, feel, smell, taste等...邏輯上的主詞。 2011-07-15 16:25:23 補充: find的用法不同於作及物用的感官動詞,其受詞...

    • find的用法

      Sue found going bowling interesting. 合乎文法,但是連續三個 ing...的時候,習慣上是借用 it 當虛受詞,將不定詞放到補語後面,例如: I found to talk to you difficult. (不合習慣) I found it difficult to talk to...