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      Being aware of what causes your stress is the first step involved in finding a solution to the problem. 瞭解引起你壓力的原因就是找到方法解決問題的第一步

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      ...individual represents a net loss for the nation for the duration... those who want to work and those who do... the solutions that are ...who want to work but find themselves unable...

    • 能夠告訴我差異麼??順便能舉例和類似的狀況麼??

      ...03-21 18:35:24 補充: With the help of his friend, he finally solve the problem.動詞 在朋友的協助下,他終於解決了難題. I tried to find a solution vis Google. 名詞 我試圖透過Google找出解決辦法.