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    • 請問以下幾句英文怎麼寫?

      ... and accommodation have been arranged. My only concern woud be finding accommodation for my 16 dogs while I am away. If this can't be...

    • places的問題[急]!

      ... the matter before the board. 向委員會提出這件事 (4) To find accommodation or employment for. 為..找住處 ,為...找職位 (5) To put into a particular condition: 使&hellip...

    • 拜託修改一下囉!!感謝各位英語達人!

      ...too far, I will take the other vehicles of public transportation instead, for accommodation, I will live in friend’s place or finding (find 在語意上基本上如同live ,是接於前面will 之後的字,應使用原形,不加...