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    • 兩句故事英文的句子 英翻中

      ...記載著:「昨夜大副酒醉。」Checking the log that evening, the captain found the innocent but condemning statement: "The captain was sober last night...

    • debate of the death penalty

      ... criminals were wrongfully executed only to be found innocent after they have already been executed. I hope this will help you...

    • 英文分詞結構問題??

      分詞構句步驟如下 1. 去連接詞 2.主詞相同去主詞 有Vbe 去Vbe 3.主動 加ing ,被動加pp 4.若沒連接詞造成語氣不順 就把連接詞補回來 以 If John tries once more,he can translate the sentence into English word for word. 做解釋 2.主詞相同去主詞 有...