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    • i need a english tutor

      ... of advice: 1. Buy a textbook of the level you want to take, and practice on it everyday. In ...that if you practice English everyday, you'll find it doing ok on your own. 2. If you...

    • 需要專業醫護人員幫忙翻譯Present Illness

      ...huge mass with a halo-ring . about 7.3x7.4cm is found in the right lobe of liver . 腹部超音波發現...的垂吊部份有大約1公分高回音器官損害 AFP level was checked and showed markedly...

    • 幫我翻譯這6句(非常急)

      ...anyone who wants to learn about one of Taiwan`s most important traditions 翻譯: 無庸置疑地,這... this melting trend continues, ocean levels will rise and likely flood coastal communities 翻譯...