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    find out how the wind blows

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    • 改英文文章~麻煩呼~!

      ... my body blown over and punched...down and passed out as my web... awoke, the storm is still... after finding out that. I... to the wind and the rain!&rdquo...

    • harder math question

      also assume that the hat stay at where it was blown off, c = rate of the current r = rate of John rows the distant John's boat float...

    • 翻譯英文文章 贈20點

      我11點離開招待所, 然後帶阿拉斯加公路到西方。 在育空地區天氣迅速改變。 在上我 模式,雨落下,並且當風起時,我感到冷。 它不是 一場大雨,因此我沒穿上我的防水的外套並且喘。 我感到 雖然我有點潮濕,但是以這種方法舒適。 雨沒有跡象停止,因此我決定尋找一個...