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    • What does M.O. means here?

      ...also be used in offender profiling,where it can also be used to find clues to the perpetrator's psychology. It largely consists of the methods used to execute the crime, prevent detection, and facilitate escape...

    • 急急急!!拜託幫我翻譯這一篇文章

      麗莎“ “麗莎”是一個年輕女人誰她感到驚訝,而事實上他是強姦她7歲 女兒。她說他向警方報案。在法律過程中,女兒 再次創傷。然後,肇事者被無罪釋放。兒童保護部 人類服務部保留我的家庭律師,三年後,當年輕的安妮是10 。 我不會談論我的工作與安妮,但麗莎...

    • 能麻煩一下英文高手嗎~急

      ...experience will affect them for the rest of their lives...feel that adults should find proper outlets for ... show most perpetrators of domestic violence where once...