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    • 過分注意的,過分周到的,過分講究的
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    • 徵求這段中文的英文翻譯(請勿使用網路翻譯)

      .... To find out the mosttalented people is a rather difficult task for the finical industry. Moreover,the talented ones with high performance are the...

    • 文章翻譯成英文~(急)

      學生該有良好的理財觀念 " Students should have good finical management concept" 1. 錢可以幫助我們享有好的生活品質, 及完成很多夢想, 因此...

    • 英文句子翻譯成中文(急)

      ...以下是我試翻的結果,可以一起參考 Some students who have good finical management concept save up a lot of money during their college life. 很多有良好...