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  1. finish someone off

    • ph.
      kill, destroy, or comprehensively defeat someone
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    • 國中英文文法

      ... tomorrow, the event will be put off. 過去式 I visited...year. 現在進行式 Listen! Someone is singing song. 過去...home. 現在完成式 I have finished my homework. 過去完成式 ...

    • 請英文達人幫我翻譯一下,不要用翻譯機的 15點

      ... often put things off because they seem overwhelming... steps. After you finish each task, reward yourself with a...don't listen to gossip. If someone tells you a secret, just say ,"...

    • 急》英文寫作勘誤(20P), because I can unleash my emotions. When I finish a picture, I'll feel a sense of achievement. Drawing is a fantastic...