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  1. finish with

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 不再需用 have you finished with that book? 那本書你已經看完了嗎? to be finished with sth. 不再需用某物
    • 2. 與…斷絕關係 she finished with her boyfriend 她與男友分手了
    • 3. 不再責怪 I haven't finished with you yet! 我和你還沒完呢!
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    • Finish with the...怎麼解釋比較好

      "Finish with the..." 如果以您的例題來看,比較類似「以(某種方式...類型的貨物完成你的車廂」比較接近我的猜測, 但是沒有解釋到 finish with most railcars 這句。 第二個答案,「某一類型的貨物...

    • already 跟 not yet 的問題

      ...相反意 Ex : I am already finished with my work. 我已經完成我的工作 那如果...23:35 補充: 更正: If you are finished, you have completed the job that you...

    • finish quality level完成品質等級英文翻譯

      ...appearance of zinc plate with a Clear chromate conversion has a clear bright finish With a slight blue tint.some yellowing,nonuniformity In color and a and a faint...