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  1. fire escape

    • IPA[ˈfī(ə)r əˈˌskāp]


    • n.
      a staircase or other apparatus used for escaping from a building on fire.
    • noun: fire escape, plural noun: fire escapes

  2. 知識+

    • 一段英文 幫忙翻譯一下

      "a fire escape plan" said lou," lt shows how to get out of a...job with the riddles" said daniel, "now lets tour the fire station". "一個火災逃生計畫" Lou說,"他顯示如何安全的...

    • 一些工共場所的英文

      ... to note 注意消防設施 Fire door, keep shut 消防門,保持關閉 Fire escape to be clear of obstruction. 安全出口,保持通暢 Fire escape, asked to...

    • 想麻煩翻譯中翻英 (消防方面) explaining the points of refuge in fire prevention and escape, unusual is put together do not have full participation...escape, if the environment has been unable to escape, immediately visiting the refuge in relatively safe...