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  1. fire lane


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    • 釋義


    • 1. 防火道
    • 2. (防止從常規戰爭或常規武器上升到核戰爭或核武器的)防火線
    • 3. (城市中)救火車通行無阻的交通線
  2. 知識+

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      ... nobody good. 2.人生曲折難免。 It must be a long lane that knows no turns. 3.有志者,事竟成...a way. 4.無火不生煙。 Where there is a fire, there is smoke. 5.日出於東。 The sun ...

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      ... 2004, freshwater, fresh water to the artist in the way of firing pottery in Old Street at the entrance to... and may only original factory full of non-tail Lane, suddenly become the main channel MRT Plaza...

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      ...指甲劃過玻璃的聲音) squelches:We squelched up the muddy lane to the farm. the squelch of swamp water in the boots taps...