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    • 縱火,放火
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    • 急用~~~起大家幫忙把英文諺語翻成中文諺語

      ...the medicine of breaking heart. 音樂是治療心痛的良藥. 2.Make no fire raise no smoke.;There is no smoke with fire.;Where there is...

    • Through the fire and flames的歌詞

      Through the fire and flames的歌詞翻譯 On a cold winter morning, 在一個... watch the lands become. 我們 看著 國土 變成 In fire and flame, and once again we know. 在火熱(砲火)苦難裡, 再次地...

    • 請幫我翻譯Beauty On The Fire的歌詞 comes again 它(熱情)再次來臨 You raise the bar even higher 你增加更高的障礙 I... throw the 所以陷入 Beauty on the fire 在熱情上的美感 Dont push too hard 不要促使...