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  1. fireproof

    • IPA[ˈfʌɪəpruːf]


    • adj.
      able to withstand fire or great heat
    • v.
      make (something) fireproof
    • verb: fireproof, 3rd person present: fireproofs, gerund or present participle: fireproofing, past tense: fireproofed, past participle: fireproofed

    • 釋義


    • 1. able to withstand fire or great heat a fireproof dish


    • 1. make (something) fireproof nearby museum buildings will be fireproofed
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      大大您好 我覺得可能性是 因為linings是fireproof再加上waterproof 而不是fireproof的lining和waterproof的lining 別人可能...

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      ...剪力釘(螺栓、棒) Shear stud (bolt , rod) 8.防火被覆施工(修補、防護) Fireproof cover application (repair, protection) Fireproof coating application (repair...

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