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  1. firing squad


    • n.
      a group of soldiers detailed to shoot a condemned person.
    • noun: firing squad, plural noun: firing squads

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      ... tasks rely on special transportation, the official resuce team, the fire squad, the civilian rescue team and the local residents become our main target...

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      ... of China" Article 212, paragraph 2: death penalty by firing squad or the use of injection execution. This is the first time ...

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      【1】traty應為treaty 1997年12月,聯合國於日本京都召開的全球暖化高峰會,超過150個國家的代表通過了限制二氧化碳、甲烷、氮氧化物(一氧化二氮)、氫氟碳化合物、以及六氟化硫的協定,需要在2012年前將這些氣體的排放降低到比1990還低5%的標準,這就是所謂的『京都議定書』。參與國中...