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  1. firm



    • adj.
      堅硬的; 對事實確信無疑;強力的
    • vt.
    • 過去式:firmed 過去分詞:firmed 現在分詞:firming

    • 比較級:firmer 最高級:firmest

    • 釋義


    • 1. 堅硬的; 對事實確信無疑 a firm mattress 硬床墊 firm muscles 結實的肌肉
    • 2. 強力的 to give sth. a firm tap/tug 用力拍/拉某物 to get a firm grip on sth. 緊緊握住某物
    • 3. 牢固的; 穩固的 to hold sth. firm 牢牢抓住某物 to establish a firm foothold in the market 在市場上站穩腳跟
    • 4. 確定的 a firm decision 不能更改的決定 a firm offer 實盤
    • 5. 堅定的; 堅決的; 嚴格的 to be firm about sth./with sb. 對某事物/某人態度堅決 to stand firm (against sb./sth.) (對某人/某事物)採取堅定立場
    • 6. 堅挺的; 穩定的 to remain firm against the dollar 對美元保持堅挺


    • 1. 使堅實 firm the soil with your foot 用腳把土踩實