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  1. first and foremost

    • ph.
      most importantly; more than anything else
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    • 幫忙聽英文新聞的文字

      First and foremost, our thoughts and our prayors...simply heart-breaking. Japan is of course one of our strongest and closest allies. and this morning I ...

    • question about economy

      First and foremost, we need to understand the definition of a public good. A public good...would not significantly reduce the air that is available to another person and neither can you stop the person from breathing in air. ...

    • 幫我想這題自由發揮60字的英文作文(急需贈20點)

      I believe the first and foremost reason for students to study abroad is to acquire better education...character-building as well as strong ties. Who knows, the one sitting next to me could be their country's next ...