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  1. first cousin once removed

    • ph.
      a child of one's first cousin;one's parent's first cousin
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    • first cousin once removed的意思?

      first cousin once removed的意思 其實 這是一種親屬關係的延續稱呼 就...或是兄弟姊妹的兒女 相對於曾姪兒/女 (那就是 first cousin once removed) 因為隔一代所以稱 removed 也就是同...

    • 表外甥/表外甥女 的英文怎麼說?

      you need to trust this on American princess. it is first cousin once removed also, their children are first cousins twice removed...

    • 英文『表叔叔』怎麼寫?

      ... My first cousin's child and I are first cousins once removed to each other (one generation difference between us) My first cousin...