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  1. first of all

    • ph.
      首先; 最初; 首要
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    • 1. 首先; 最初; 首要 First of all she just smiled, then she started to laugh. 最初她只是微笑, 後來才放聲大笑。 He is a great soldier first of all. 他首先是位偉大的軍人。
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      First of all, did you have a typo? Human cell should have 46 ..., one from mom, one from dad. 6.If there is one pair of sex chromosomes, how many pairs of autosomes...

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      Well, first of all, it all depends on how you want...will alway lend you a hand whenever you need one. And this true friend is...but not always in the boy-girl friend kind of relationship. This friend may be close...

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      (First of all, I'm on the pro side of the argument, but I'll stand on ... has the rigth to decide who is to die by the hands of the law regardless of how serious the crime is. 2. I personally think life...