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    • 1. 【口】首先 First off, let's see how much it'll cost. 首先, 讓我們看看要花多少錢。
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    • 英翻中 sweep sb off one's floor

      你似乎是記錯了 應該是 sweep one off one's feet - sweep one off one's feet : to gain immediate and unquestioning...

    • Give me a hand <英文翻譯>

      ...圖片參考: one-off art piece = the only one kind of art piece (唯一一個的藝術作品) With the...

    • 強出頭英文翻譯

      ... out for number one/ *show-off (名詞) ---愛炫耀的人 忍住 &... I wasn't sure which one fits 嵐's needs... "愛現" (eager to show off) . 2014-03-03 01:48:06 補充: ...