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    • 財政的,會計的,國庫的
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    • financial year & fiscal year

      financial year: any accounting period of 12 months fiscal year:A 12-month period for which an organization plans the use of ...

    • TAX ID number (Fiscal number)

      tax ID 就是你們的統編。這個東西在每個國家的講法可能會大同小異,基本上它指的是你在報稅時,國稅局是用哪個號碼來代表你公司。基本上,我的認識就是統編囉! 不過這個號碼在美國肯定不是共同的,也就是不管你給他哪個號碼,它都不能在美國使用,所以對方要的,其實...

    • 請教稅法英文關於assessment year 的翻譯

      ...year after the relevant calendar year with respect to individual tax; the year during which the fiscal year ends if it ends before 31 December and the year thereafter...