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    • 1. 【口】大話;荒誕不可置信的故事 Nobody could believe the politician's fish story. 沒有人相信政客的連篇鬼話。
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    • 英文有關食物的慣用語

      ...還可以看前後文, 有許多人愛吹噓自己釣到多少魚等等之類的事, 所以, 講 fish story 就是在吹牛 spill the beans (不小心) 洩露秘密 a hard nut to crack 難題...

    • 英文慣用語~~急用

      ...if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth他看來十分老實 It's a fish story故事荒唐無比 spill the beans洩漏秘密 a hard nut to crack令人頭痛的麻煩事...

    • 關於英文書 fish is fish

      ...&showViewpoints=1 The story is about a minnow and a tadpole. They look alike... up to having grown legs and the fish is astounded- this cannot be! ...